Kickstarter Adds Option for Late Pledges

We’ve all felt that terrible feeling. We see a super cool creation on social media, take a closer look, and alas, the item in question belongs to an already funded Kickstarter. If we’re lucky, the Kickstarter creator will sell more of our heart’s desire at a later date. But they very well may not. And will we even remember how badly we wanted it at that point? But Kickstarter is now rolling out a useful new feature that many have long requested–the option for late pledges. Our wallets may not cheer on the ability to pledge late to a Kickstarter, but our hearts are certainly with this latest option for pledges. Here’s what Kickstarter has to share about this new feature.

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A release shares more about Kickstarter’s new late pledges, and the feature is basically as written on the label. Kickstarter notes, “Late Pledges allows creators to continue collecting pledges after their campaign officially ends, giving creators the chance to attract more backers, get more support and make their projects even more successful… Creators can effortlessly continue to offer rewards, collect pledges, engage with their community, and attract support from new backers, while backers get another chance to support projects they believe in.”

While third-party tools have allowed creators to continue collecting pledges after their funding period, now everything can happen via Kickstarter’s interface. This should hopefully reduce headaches for creators and allow backers to continue to pledge more easily via a platform they are already on. Kickstarter notes that late pledges should help backers who discover a project after its funding period is closed and creators who get a boost of interest after their campaign. This sounds like a great plan to us. You can take a look at an example “late pledge” mode Kickstarter, here.

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Currently, late pledges are only available to a small group of Kickstarter creators. However, Kickstarter plans to roll out the new feature to all creators over the next few months. And now, you’ll never have to miss an enamel pin, cool board game, fun art collection, or neat bag ever again.

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