Keanu Reeves Walks to Music in This ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Meme

Ali Wong and Randal Park’s Always Be My Maybe has been taking the internet by storm since it was released on Netflix last week. Sweet, thoughtful, and incredibly funny, it’s a remedy for the often whitewashed world of rom-coms. On top of this, the film also stars Keanu Reeves in a very hilarious cameo. Since the film dropped, fans have been turning scenes featuring the actor—who plays Ali Wong’s boyfriend and Randal Park’s rival in love—into meme perfection.

One of the key accounts that have been blessing us with this is Keanu Reeves Walking to Music. The account has been doing the lord’s work by cutting the actor’s initial entrance to a whole bunch of classic tunes. The one that first caught our eye was Keanu sauntering to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. It’s the perfect ’80s throwback we didn’t know that we needed.

But that’s only the beginning. Keanu always takes our breath away so this next one was the perfect fit.

It’s funny how well pretty much any song fits with this slo-mo moment but “Heaven” by Bryan Adams feels particularly perfect.

Some of these fit so well they literally feel like they could be the actual clip from the film.

I mean… this is actually perfect.

This Cure cut is making us feel like teenagers all over again.

These memes and Keanu in Always Be My Maybe have truly given us the time of our lives.

The reason this makes such an easy viral hit is probably that the original song used (AWOLNATION’s “Sail”) is pretty meme-worthy itself.

Another meme from the movie that we’re hoping will take off is Keanu eating dinner to tunes. If this “House of Woodcock” cut from The Phantom Thread is the only one we ever get, we’ll be happy too.

If you want more Keanu Reeves Walking to Music memes, head over to Twitter! And make sure you watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix!

Images: Netflix

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