Katherine Waterson on Who Has More Fantastic Beasts: J.K. Rowling Or Ridley Scott?

If there’s one thing Katherine Waterston’s gotten really good at lately, it’s working with creatures that don’t actually exist. Case in point: she starred alongside everything from nifflers to murtlaps while playing Tina Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, this year, and next summer she’ll take on a brand new species of xenomorph in Alien: Covenant.

Of course, working with the alien nightmares who’ve been terrifying us since 1979 isn’t quite the same thing as hanging out adorable billywigs and bowtruckles. So while at a press event for the 2017 Fox Showcase earlier this month, we put Waterston to the ultimate test: who’s got the most “fantastic” beasts, J.K. Rowling or Ridley Scott? (Remember, “fantastic” doesn’t have to mean “friendly and cuddly and definitely won’t even think about eating you.” These are Ollivander’s “terrible but great” rules of language that we’re working with here, to keep it in the Harry Potter family.)Personally, I think good ol’ J.K.’s got Ridley beat. I mean, at least there’s more variety of beasties in the wizarding world, right? They’re not all murderous scaly monstrosities that bust their way out of your body–some of them have feathers! But Katherine had a much, much harder time deciding between the two, which makes sense considering how closely she’s worked with them both. Still, somebody should probably have her checked out for some kind of Xenomorph Stockholm Syndrome. Just in case.

Which beasts do you think are more fantastic? Let us know in the comments!

Image: 20th Century Fox

And in case you missed the Alien Covenant trailer, here it is:

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