K-2SO, Gamora, and More Become Mermaids for MerMay

If you follow any artists on social media, you probably notice they commit to drawing challenges every so often. There’s Inktober in October, and May has something really special: MerMay! Started by animator Tom Bancroft, the MerMay challenge is all about drawing a mermaid every day in May. Artists go underwater with original characters and characters from pop culture. This week’s Fan Art Friday is all about the latter.

Let’s start with a closer look at Rogue One‘s K-2SO:

Art by Brian Kesinger | Follow him on Instagram and get prints at Etsy

And Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Gamora:

Art by Erin Lefler | Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest and visit her website

Moana by Kristin Askland:

Catwoman by Ashley Taylor:

TBT: Catwoman and her catfish! 🙂 #mermay #catwoman #mermaid

A post shared by Ashley Taylor (@ashley24taylor) on

Holly Golightly by Raiane Silva

Wonder Woman by Psiche senza Amore

Swim to the gallery below to see more art by Brian and Erin; you’ll find Ahsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress, and Nebula as mermaids. Don’t forget to search the #mermay hashtag Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr (warning: it’s a rabbit hole).

Have you created any pieces for #mermay? Share them with us on Twitter, @amy_geek and @nerdist!

Do you create any sort of fan art? If so, I want to see it. Whether you focus on a specific fandom or pull inspiration from multiple stories and mediums, I’d like to highlight what you do. If you’re interested in being featured in a future edition of Fan Art Friday, get in touch with me at [email protected] with examples of your work. If you’re not an artist, feel free to email me with recommendations for Fan Art Friday.

Featured Image: Brian Kesinger (K-2SO), Erin Lefler (Gamora)

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