Justin Timberlake and Christoper Walken’s Super Bowl Bai Ad Is Wonderfully Weird

Super Bowl ads are great for dropping rad new trailers (like that badass trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film or the new trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale). While it’s awesome to get a first look at some awesome stuff to come in the world of entertainment, it’s a time-honored tradition for there to be some commercials that aren’t dropping any big movie news–they’re just legitimately funny. The commercial for the antioxidant-infused Bai Drinks, starring Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake, absolutely falls in that latter category.

The commercial is simple, but full of magic, featuring Christopher Walken speaking the lyrics to the modern music classic, N’Sync‘s “Bye, Bye, Bye.” Walken delivers the lyrics in that instantly recognizable, Walken cadence while sitting beside Justin Timberlake. Honestly, as someone who has loved *NSYNC for quite some time now, I’ve never realized the gravity behind the song before hearing it performed by the incomparable Christopher Walken. And from the look of Justin Timberlake’s face, he’s never heard it delivered so poignantly either. Okay, maybe not, but Walken makes the song seem a lot more intense, certainly!Sure, the ad doesn’t make a lick of sense beyond the “bai = bye” rhyme, but the best Super Bowl commercials rarely do, if we’re honest. And I don’t care what the occasion is, I’m always up for hearing Christopher Walken speak the lyrics to popular pop songs (I mean, who can forget the time he read the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”?). Plus, I really like to imagine JT and Walken chilling in Walken’s study with smoking jackets and a roaring fire, listening to Walken recite the lyrics to N’Sync and classic Timberlake songs in those classic, dulcet tones.

What did you think of the ad? What other pop songs would you like to hear Christopher Walken recite? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Image: TheBigGame17/ YouTube

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