Is This Our First Look at Superman’s Black Suit From JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Warning: there are potential spoilers ahead for the Justice League movie. This is your only chance to turn back and remain unspoiled!

While the marketing team behind Justice League has demonstrated remarkable restraint by not showing Superman‘s presence in the trailers, it’s not exactly a secret that Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel is coming back from the dead. Even Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t pretend that Clark Kent’s alter ego was gone forever, but there are still some questions about how and why he will make his return. Today’s Nerdist News is examining what may be the first look at Superman’s black costume, which played a key role in his comic book resurrection!

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Join host and the protector of New Genesis, Jessica Chobot, as she shows off a leaked photo from Mattel’s upcoming Justice League line that features two Superman figures. In the first figure, the Last Son of Krypton is wearing his traditional red and blue costume, while the second figure features Kal-El in a black costume with a silver “S” on his chest. During the famous Death and Return of Superman storyline from the ’90s, the black costume was worn by Superman when he was brought back to life via Kryptonian technology. He also also came back with a Super-Mullet, but we’re trying to forget that part.It has to be noted that both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were both given Superman in black costume figures for their respective toy lines. That could mean that Justice League‘s black costume Superman action figure isn’t indicative of anything in the movie. But if there was ever a time to use that costume in live-action, it’s right now. Plus, it can serve two purposes within the film: the black costume is either a part of the technology that will be used to save Superman, or it will be used to illustrate his corruption by the forces of Apokolips. Are you looking forward to seeing Superman wearing his black outfit in live-action? Call upon your Mother Boxes to leave comments below!

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