JUST CAUSE 4 Trailer Sends Rico into a Tornado

Ahead of E3 2018, Square Enix offered gamers an advance look at Just Cause 4. That means it’s once again time to send Rico Rodriguez into a foreign country to take down a dictator and unleash his own personal brand of destruction. Just Cause 4 takes place in Solis, a fictional South American country that is said to be a bigger playground than any of the previously featured countries in the series. And in addition to the usual set of threats, Rico will also have to deal with some very extreme weather. In the announcement trailer, a tornado looms large in the distance. But Rico isn’t shying away from the danger. By the end of the clip, he’s going straight into the storm.

While the twister is clearly deadly to Rico and everyone around him, it might also be an offensive tool. Apparently Rico will have the option to direct the path of the tornado by taking out wind cannons and giving it a direct path to the capitol city. The new physics system will also allow the tornado to claim almost anything in its path and it’s not the only deadly weather on the horizon. Blizzards, lightning storms, and sandstorms are also on the menu for this game.

Rico once again has his wingsuit; but he’s also able to strategically deploy his parachute to get out of some potentially serious situations. Rico’s grappling hook is getting a major upgrade for Just Cause 4, which will allow him to add attachments and special features to it. There are a lot of toys to play with, and plenty of ways to implement them in the game itself.

Just Cause 4 is expected to be released in 2019.

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Image: Square Enix

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