Bring JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION Home with Giant Inflatable T. Rex

The  Jurassic Park franchise has given us so much. Just think about how many people those prehistoric creatures have consumed for our enjoyment! Soon, though, it will deliver an epic story that combines generations of stars. But Jurassic World Dominion will provide us with even more than a sixth film in the series. It’s also the reason one of the world’s funniest costumes will soon be a ridiculous toy. Jakks Pacific will let you go on the hunt with a remote-controlled six-foot inflatable T. rex.

A young boy uses a remote control to play with an inflatable
Jakks Pacific

The new AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T. rex R/C is more than six feet of terror and fun. This constant air dinosaur fully inflates in just 20 seconds. Without any other features it would make for a great addition to any playroom. But this dino comes with a 2.4 GHz full-function radio control. You can use the remote control to activate more than a dozen sound effects, like various T. rex stomps and roars. The inflatable T. rex also comes with a rechargeable USB battery to keep it going. That’s vastly superior than needing to feed it live goats.

But what good is a dinosaur that can’t move? We wouldn’t be getting a sixth film if those prehistoric monsters stayed put. That’s why you can set off attack mode, which Jakks says “temporarily takes the control away and gives the power back to the T. rex for uncontrollable fun.” Your dino will then “thrash its tiny arms and stomp her way through the neighborhood or into any social situation including parties, virtual meetings or even backyard family get togethers.”

That is, quite literally, what we want to do with a six-foot remote-controlled inflatable dinosaur.

Designed for ages 8 and up, the AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T. rex R/C ($129.99) will be available at online retail stores this spring. That means you can bring yours to provide company when you stand in line for Jurassic World Dominion June 10. That way you can give back to the franchise that has given us so many dinosaurs.

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