JURASSIC PARK’s Famous Shaving Cream Can Gets an Official Collectible Replica

I’m no shaving cream historian, but I feel very confident in saying the single most famous facial foam ever was the Barbasol can Dodgson gave Dennis Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos in Jurassic Park.

It had everything! A false bottom you could unscrew, compartmentalized spaces for each (viable!) specimen with enough coolant to last 36 hours, and actual shaving cream you could also use as a pie topping. Plus it could pass Customs. Now, that very can is one you will soon be able to take home in the form of the first ever officially licensed replica prop.

Chronicle Collectibles announced through io9 it will be soon start selling their very own “100% screen accurate” version of the infamous can. Early prototype photos show just how many pieces the inside will contain, but for now the company is being coy about whether or not the complete package will actually operate like the can in the film does.

While it cost Dodgson’s company a whole lot to pay off Dennis Nedry, their can will retail for around $200, and Chronicle Collectibles is expected to begin accepting pre-orders later this summer. Unfortunately, unlike the can in Jurassic Park, this model won’t contain any actual coolant or shaving cream, since that would ruin the replica. It also won’t come with any dinosaur embryos, so your company won’t be able to catch up on 10 years of research in a single purchase.

What other classic movie prop would you love to take home next? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Universal Pictures, Chronicle Collectibles

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