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Bring JURASSIC PARK Dinos Home with the Fandango Prop Shop

Have you ever wanted to own a dinosaur direct from  Jurassic Park? Of course you have–especially if the dinosaur is of the collectible variety and not of the “will eat you” variety. Now your dream is one step closer, because for National Dinosaur Day (on Tuesday, May 15), Fandango has launched their very own Prop Shop and teamed up with Universal Studios to offer replicas from the Jurassic Park franchise. And we really mean teamed up, because the replicas were molded on the backlot of Universal Studios itself.

From replica dinosaur eggs to full scale Indominus Rex heads,  the Prop Shop has it all. Prices range from $99 to $24,000 for those truly dedicated and rich Jurassic Park fans. In the words of John Hammond they “spared no expense.”

Fandango’s vice president of marketing, merchandising, and licensing for Fandango FanShop Holly Rawlinson said in a press release, “FanShop is delighted to launch its new Prop Shop in collaboration with Universal Studios and their incredible artist. Our goal is to deliver authentic prop replicas that will help fans relive the thrills of their favorite films, while building excitement for upcoming theatrical releases, such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opening on June 22.”

“We are so excited to partner with Fandango to bring these iconic, studio-produced collectibles to life,” said John Priebe, VP Universal Studio Operations. “Our talented artists are putting their hearts and expertise into each creation to deliver something extra special for the fans.”

Will you be popping over to the Prop Shop to purchase something ancient and exciting? Can’t wait to have your very own baby raptor? Just want to go to Isla Nublar ? Let us know below!

Images: Prop Shop

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