Watch a Regular JUMANJI Game Become a Wooden Masterpiece

We’ve all seen deluxe replica versions of on-screen props. But they’re often nowhere near as authentic looking. Case in point, the Spin Master’s deluxe Jumanji game. It is indeed a tricked-out board game, with relief images on the front. Not to mention electronic sounds and lights. Very much like the Jumanji board game we see on screen. But in terms of details, it still can’t touch the cinematic version.

But now, thanks to i09, we’ve learned that someone has indeed upgraded that Spin Master game to make it look as close to the one from the movie as humanly possible. You can see the transformation in the video below:

Watching the timelapse video, we must say, we are very impressed. We’ve showcased the work of sculptor extraordinaire and YouTuber Steven Richter here before. Most notably, his “dusted” Thanos sculpture timelapse video. Not to mention his creepy melting Freddy Krueger head. But for Jumanji, he didn’t do any melting, just refurbishing. With just paint, wood, and some spray paint. And a whole lot of time. It’s so authentic looking, that we wouldn’t be shocked to see wildlife emerge around the players!

Steven Richter's repainted Jumanji board game.
Steven Richter

For starters, Richter replaced the plastic paneling with actual wood. That certainly gives the Jumanji board game a realistic feel to it. But the painstaking detail for painting the relief images is really what sells this. It really feels like a century-old board game, something that someone unearthed in an attic. The artist even sold the final product via his Etsy shop, for a very reasonable $200.00. We hope the lucky owner displays it proudly because, at that price, it was a steal. Especially since the video above shows the amount of hard work that went into it.

To see more of Steven Richter’s incredible work, be sure to head on over to his YouTube channel.

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