Josh Brolin Wrote Poems for DUNE Co-Stars Timothée Chalamet and Florence Pugh

Josh Brolin has always seemed like a great guy to work with. He’s not only immensely talented, he comes across as a fun person you’d like hanging out with on set. Plus, it turns out if you are in a movie with him he might also write a poem about you. Seriously. That’s what he did for a couple of his Dune: Part Two co-stars, Timothée Chalamet and Florence Pugh. Brolin composed works about each of them for a new book he co-wrote about the film.

Insight Editions upcoming Dune: Exposures features stunning images take by both Part One and Two‘s Director of Photography, Greig Fraser. His pictures will take viewers behind-the-scenes to some of the most intimate moments on set between cast and crew. But that’s not all fans will find in the book. It also features original writing from House Atreides’ very own Warmaster, Gurney Halleck.

One way Brolin conveyed what it was like for him to work on the series was by crafting poems about two of his young co-stars. People provided an early glimpse at those odes in their special early look at the book.

His short poem about Chalamet focuses on the star’s youth and how it made Brolin feel old in comparison. In his longer, more prose-like poem about Pugh he compares her to Marilyn Monroe and the Sun, as Brolin is unsure if she is becoming a royal like the one she plays in the film or if she was already a monarch in waiting.

Reminder, this large imposing man right here, the one who looks like an actual intergalactic Warmaster, the same guy who played Thanos, wrote those poems.

Gurney Halleck standing in front of flames in the Dune: Part Two trailer
Warner Bros./Legendary

Damn. Josh Brolin contains multitudes. And a second damn for Chalamet and Pugh. They probably already get so many accolades its tiresome at this point, but it has still got to feel good having Josh freaking Brolin write a fawning paean about you. As it will for others who get poems from him in the book.

On the other hand, it’s going to be rough for any co-stars he didn’t write wax poetic about. At least they still got to work with Josh Brolin. That already seemed pretty great before we found out he’s also a writer.

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