Josh Brolin Responds to That Pro-Thanos Subreddit

Last week, we reported that Thanos fandom on Reddit was taking on a unique life of its own, as a popular subreddit called  Thanos Did Nothing Wrong was gaining momentum…and in the spirit of Thanos, planning to purge half its users at random. Today, Josh Brolin gave the concept not only his implied blessing, but also the essential hand-gesture a real Mad Titan would use to kick such a virtual massacre off. Courtesy of Avengers: Infinity War directors the Russo brothers, click on the Tweet below to see it…

As a special bonus, you get a glimpse of Brolin’s shirtless superhero physique, unencumbered by Cable cybernetic prosthetics or purple motion-capture. Why no costume? Hey, sometimes when you make a snap decision, there’s no time to change. Now, if the Russo brothers would like to officially pop in to a subreddit to tell us the name of the next Avengers movie, that’d be just peachy with us. Like, unless it’s called Avengers: Captain Marvel Is Really a Skrull Even Though We Just Introduced Her, how spoilery can it be? Besides, isn’t it entirely likely that Tom Holland will just totally blurt it out at some random appearance? Get ahead of that.

Just joshing. As are the Russos, literally. But it’s always cool to see the stars get involved with the fandom in fun ways that aren’t just about anger over plot points.

What do you think of Brolin’s interaction with Thanos fandom? Is “Thanos fandom” something to encourage, given that he’s a genocidal bad guy? Let us know in comments–we promise not to delete half of them arbitrarily.

Image: Marvel Studios

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