Join Some of the Greatest Game Masters Around for the Roundtable

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Immersive storytelling has the power to transport you to a whole new world, all from the comfort of your table and chair. This storytelling, however, requires storytellers. Therefore, we’ve gathered some of the most notable masters of storytelling for discussion on the craft and passion of worldbuilding. Join them and learn to master your own craft, at the Roundtable. Participants include Matthew Mercer, Matt Colville, Satine Phoenix, Adam Koebel, and more.

Great masters of storytelling used to gather in darken corners to share the secret of their craft with each other. We take this tradition, shine a light on them, and give them a couple of drinks to keep them talking. Roundtable takes the best and the brightest of their craft and gives them a chance to share their secrets with you and each other. Every season gives us a new craft to dive into and dissect. This time around, we’re rolling the dice on some of the greats Dungeon Masters we could find to talk about community, diversity, and what it really takes to create an interactive story.

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