Johnny Flynn Will Play David Bowie in New Biopic STARDUST

It’s been three years since David Bowie died, and honestly, those are still hard words to type. But that doesn’t mean the man is actually gone, as his art and legacy will live on in fabulousness for the rest of forever. And now, it appears his next iteration will be on the big screen in a new biopic, titled Stardust.

Johnny Flynn, a British singer and actor known for the Netflix series Lovesick, will play Bowie in the film, which will chronicle the musician’s career starting with his first trip to America in 1971, which sparked the idea for his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Gabriel Range (I Am A Slave) will direct the script from writer Christopher Bell (The Last Czars), with Jena Malone and Marc Maron co-starring.

The film is already kicking up a fair amount of controversy since, it appears, the studio doesn’t have permission from Bowie’s estate to use the singer’s music. It would certainly be… a choice to make a David Bowie biopic without music from David Bowie. This wrinkle was noted by Bowie’s son, director Duncan Jones, who took to Twitter to point out that “nobody” has been granted music rights for a film.

We have no idea what any of that means, but it’s certainly a bummer for a project that otherwise sounds cool. For now, we’re just going to go ahead and suggest that filmmakers go the “fictional character inspired by a real life superstar” route, ála Velvet Goldmine or Last Days.

Image: RCA Records 


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