JOHN WICK 3 Title Revealed with New Motion Poster and Trailer Announcement

It’s been two years since we last saw John Wick running through a New York park as every assassin in the world learned that he had been excommunicated from the Continental and, as such, had lost the protections that the international ring of contract killers provides. Well, the hunt is on again, as the advertising campaign begins for the next film in the series, which will hit screens on May 17. The John Wick Twitter account has been teasing the new entry with a clip from John Wick 2, a new motion poster of John looking through the door of the Continental, and a teaser for the trailer which will drop on Thursday!

The trailer gives us a tiny glimpse at some new footage, whilst the trailers encourage people to text a number and get a “one-hour head start” referencing the extra time Winston gave John before telling the world that there was a huge bounty on his head after he was banished from the community of killers. If you text the number you’ll receive the enigmatic message, “Welcome. As an esteemed member, you will be granted access to our finest amenities. We will text you at this number in the days to come. Be prepared.” what does it all mean? Well it confirms that John will be fighting his way out of New York—which we kind of knew due to set photos of Reeves riding a horse through the streets of the city wielding a gun—and that he’s still got that killer bounty on his head. We cannot wait to see the dog-loving contract killer return to screens in just under three months, especially as we know he’s bringing a whole bunch of new good doggos with him.Note: Nerdist Industries is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Media

Images: Legendary

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