John Oliver Reminds Us Why Net Neutrality is Important for Everybody

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of neat things on the internet. For instance, in just the past few days, the internet has brought us a video of Justin Roiland getting drunk for a Rick and Morty recording session, a tiny DIY ping pong table, and a bizarre yet functional globe-shaped chess board. A big part of the reason the internet has flourished as a breeding ground for information and entertainment from any source is net neutrality, which basically means that internet costs and speeds are the same for everybody, regardless of who it is, what they’re accessing, and how they’re accessing it.

What stinks is that net neutrality is in danger, a fact that John Oliver reminded us of on a recent Last Week Tonight segment, above. He originally devoted show time to the topic in 2014 on one of the program’s first episodes, and while the conversations that video sparked seemed to have made an impact, it’s now being reported that regulations made during that time are in danger of being rolled back, which could really endanger net neutrality.

The 19-minute segment gets into the nitty gritty of just what is happening and what it means for internet service providers, companies, and users, but the most immediately relevant piece of information is this: a free and open internet is good, so to help preserve that, go to and tell the FCC that you want net neutrality to stay. Oliver’s efforts managed to crash the FCC website and send a real message last time around, so for the sake of keeping the internet fair, take a second and help fight the good fight.

Featured image: LastWeekTonight/YouTube

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