John Cleese Recapping THE WALKING DEAD Is Simply Delightful

The seventh season of The Walking Dead is almost here, so to get ready for the premiere it’s time to review what has happened since the dead first began walking the earth. Thankfully we have a video from Now TV to refresh our memories (with spoilers, obviously), and the refresher is narrated by the incomparable  John Cleese.

Of course, when you think of The Walking Dead, you really don’t think of a show that’s upbeat, happy, or delightful. So employing the Monty Python alum and comedy legend to recap one of the darkest shows on television isn’t necessarily the most natural choice. However, Cleese is actually the perfect person to break down the craziness of The Walking Dead. (I mean, besides our fearless leader, Chris Hardwick, obviously.)

Cleese’s cheerful, British accent brings a bit of levity to all of the death, doom, depression, and destruction we’ve gone through with Rick and his friends. But Cleese doesn’t just cheerfully break down the show. He also lays down a few rules of the Walking Dead universe that are important to remember for new and old TWD fans alike; reminders like there are no safe places, you are to never look at the flowers, and the eternally important distinction that zombies are not called zombies in the TWD-verse. Walkers, biters, roamers, or anything else you can think of works. But just like they say in Shaun of the Dead, don’t say “the zed word.”

Of course, Cleese ends his recap with the biggest question on everyone’s mind: who does Negan kill? Unfortunately, while he may have proven he would make an excellent guest on Talking Dead, Cleese doesn’t have any answers for us. We’ll just have to wait for The Walking Dead‘s season seven premiere, October 23 on AMC… Until then, we theorize:

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What did you think of Cleese’s recap? Would you like to see him or anyone else from Monty Python on Talking Dead? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image: TBS

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