Joe Manganiello Plays DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with Nerdist and Critical Role

Celebrities… They’re just like us! They go to the grocery store in sweatpants, binge-watch Stranger Things, and many of them even play Dungeons & Dragons. And just like comic book movie franchises and thoughtful sci-fi series have opened up the floodgates for new fans, more and more people–including famous ones–are getting into or sharing their longtime love of D&D. So of course, it only makes sense that we take all of those wonderfully nerdy celebrities and bring them onto our very own D&D show, right? That’s why we teamed up with our pals at Geek & Sundry for a brand new Alpha show called CelebriD&D! And we won’t even make you roll a perception check before we tell you all about it.

On our premiere episode, future Deathstroke Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike XXL) brings his childhood love of D&D to the table for a mini-campaign DMed by Critical Role‘s Matt Mercer. They’ll be joined by Matt’s Critical Role comrades Marisha Ray and Taliesin Jaffe (yes, Critters, they’re playing as Keyleth and Percy) as well as Nerdist’s own Jessica Chobot and Dan Casey (who are reprising their characters from D&Diesel)! The full 45-minute episode is currently live on Alpha right now, but because we love you, we’ve got a sneak peek of the action right here.

As you can see from his character sheet, Manganiello’s character, Arkhan the Cruel, is a 5th level Dragonborn Paladin (with a Medusa head in a bag and a battleaxe named “Bonecleaver”–how badass is that?). Led by an all-knowing DM, he and his party make their way through an abandoned temple in search of an ancient relic that was mentioned to Arkhan in a vision from his deity. What they discovered down there was more dangerous and deadlier than they could have possibly imagined.

Will they be successful? Will they retrieve the artifact without any lost lives? You’ll have to head over to Alpha to complete your quest!

What do you think of CelebriD&D? Who else do you want to see on the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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