JENNIFER’S BODY Deserves A Needy Sequel Right Now

Jennifer’s Body has taken quite the pop culture roller-coaster ride since it hit theaters ten years ago. The 2009 Diablo Cody film is a smart, sharp horror-comedy about Jennifer (Megan Fox)—a popular teen turned male-devouring succubus following a failed virgin sacrifice ritual—and her friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried), who takes action to stop the murders. Jennifer’s Body’s promotion was unfairly geared towards sexualizing Fox for teen boys’ enjoyment instead of its true premise, which led to a poor box office performance and critical dragging by (predominately male) critics. Now that there is more representation in the film critic sphere, Jennifer’s Body is finally being recognized for its feminist brilliance and commentary on violence against women, subverting sexual stereotypes, toxic masculinity, and vengeance. This movie certainly would have fared better today but there’s no way to change history. However, a Jennifer’s Body sequel about Needy would be right on time.

Needy’s movie arc ends with her gaining freedom in more ways than one. She acquires the best parts of Jennifer’s supernatural abilities, including incredible strength and levitation, but doesn’t become a full-on human flesh consumer. Needy is no longer subject to the pressures of everyday society because, well, she escapes the asylum to murder Low Shoulder and live life on her own terms. A film about her life post-hotel massacre would be an interesting way to continue this story during a time where its themes are more respected by viewers and critics.

The film could catch up on her ten-year journey as a solo traveler who doesn’t mind using her powers to help disenfranchised and abused people. Perhaps she met others who inherited powers in a similar way and ushered in a secret community. Or maybe she’s gone full Equalizer as a contract-for-hire killer to help vengeful femmes fulfill their desires. Needy may even be at war with powerful cults and demonic monsters as she struggles with maintaining her own humanity against her growing thirst for murder.

A Needy sequel could also take an alternate route and show her settled in a different place. She might attempt to live a normal life until something happens that forces her to confront her past. Maybe Jennifer is somehow resurrected by a group of not-very-bright teens who are obsessed with this “horror story” and Needy has to go home to save the day. Or someone from Devil’s Kettle could run into her and be understandably freaked out because, well, they only see her as a best-friend killer. It would be a great way to find out what happened with Jennifer’s mom and how this story affected the entire community. But honestly, she deserves to live a rogue life.

Amanda Seyfried could easily reprise her role as Needy and be welcomed with open arms. The actress hasn’t expressed a negative relationship with Jennifer’s Body so maybe she would be down for another movie. And if Jennifer was somehow resurrected, it would make for a great reunion between Seyfried and Fox. However, if the actress doesn’t want to return, it’s always possible to slate in another great actress and explain why Needy looks different. She may have developed an ability to shape-shift in order to protect her real identity, which makes narrative sense.

It’s beyond time for the final act of the Jennifer’s Body apology tour to happen—an incredible sequel that fans were cheated out of years ago. Bring Needy back for more blood and take our money, please.

Header Image : 20th Century Fox

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