Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Share Awkward FRIENDS Reunion in Uber Eats Ad

We know the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will each have a game plan for this year’s Super Bowl. But it’s starting to feel like every marketing team’s big game commercial is following the same one. MTN DEW and Paramount+ aren’t the only companies trying to sell a product on the backs of famous actors having fun with their old roles. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are getting in on the Super Sunday action with an Uber Eats ad that also doubles as a very awkward Friends reunion.

Uber Eats wants you to know it will be there for you for almost any reason. To get that message across, its silly new “Don’t Forget Uber Eats” commercial suggests, that to remember you can order almost anything from the delivery company and not just food, you need to forget something else. (Yes, fellow olds, that WAS a Married… with Children gag.)

While the ad features other famous faces—including power couple David Beckham and former “Pepper Lady” Victoria Beckham—it’s centered around Aniston. She’s the one who suggests making room for new information in your head by moving old information out. Unfortunately for David Schwimmer the previous knowledge she cleared out of her brain were all her memories of working with him for 10 years.

Jennifer Aniston looks surprised speaking to a man on a movie backlot in an Uber Eats commercial with David Schwimmer
Uber Eats

Does this qualify as another twist in the Ross-Rachel relationship? We’d like to get a ruling from Aniston herself, but what does she know? She can’t argue they were on a break because she doesn’t remember that arc at all.

That’s too bad. Not for the reason you think, though. It’s too bad she didn’t erase the memory of that Rachel and Joey romance instead. We know we’ve been trying to forget about it for years. If Uber Eats could somehow deliver on that dream we’d never forget what the company can do.

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