Somebody Made A Knife Out Of Jell-O And It’s Actually Sharp

Unless there’s some extreme scenario I’m not thinking of, Jell-O isn’t a dangerous food. It’s probably one of the safest things you can eat, actually: Even if you start to choke on it, I imaging it would melt away and clear your airway before anything tragic happened. It’s so sort that it barely has a solid form: If a food jiggles, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s probably gelatin involved.

A tennis racket can slice through Jell-O with ease in a beautiful and colorful display, but it turns out that you can actually cut Jell-O with Jell-O thanks to a new creation from knife-sharpening genius YouTube user kiwami japan, who made a knife out of Jell-O that’s actually pretty darn sharp (via Digg).

To be clear, I’m not massaging the truth in any way when I say that this guy made a knife out of Jell-O: That’s actually what he did, no lying. In the video, you see him reduce some packs of jiggly gelatin to liquid, add some more gelatin to it, simmer it for hours, dry out the Jell-O until it’s more like a hard candy. From there, he does what he always does, sharpening the knife with a series of whetstones until he’s left with an unconventional blade that can easily cut through paper, vegetables, and other things. There’s also a fun twist at the end of the video that both brings everything full circle and proves there was no trickery at play here.

Can you think of anything stranger out of which to make a knife? Throw some suggestions in the comments!

Featured image: Matt Reinbold/Flickr

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