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Piece Together the Chaos of JEFF GOLDBLUM Jigsaw Puzzles

How do you like your Jeff Goldblum? Is mad scientist more your thing, or chaotician? Perhaps you prefer him to play games? Whichever is the case, you can play with the uniquely murmuring actor in a whole new way as Champion Productions launches a new set of Jeff Goldblum jigsaw puzzles. Piece by piece, you can put together the larger picture of his most nerd-iconic roles. Featuring the work of artists George Morton and Maria Catello Solbas, these are no mere production stills, but works of art inspired by the bloom of gold. Naturally, open-shirt Ian Malcolm is available.

Image: Champion Productions

But if you prefer the more familiar garb, there’s that too.

Image: Champion Productions

Cheeseburger! Who can forget Brundlefly, shown here in all his duality? Not exactly the sexiest or most identifiably Goldblumy, but it’s the most creative of the designs.

Image: Champion Productions

And of course, what playthings would be complete without the Grandmaster? No melting staff needed, because he can melt your heart with that gaze.

Image: Champion Productions

Each jigsaw puzzle is approximately 8 by 11 inches, and comes with a free print of the artwork. The company is UK based, so each puzzle is nine pounds plus shipping to wherever you are, but isn’t it worth it to capture these Goldblumoments? (Is that a word? We’ll make it one.) This is but the inaugural release for Champion Products, who “wanted to make our absolute, undying love for Jeff Goldblum the basis for our first launch.” We can’t really blame them.

What celebrity jigsaw puzzles would you like to see next? Put together some ideas in comments below.

Images: Champion Products

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