The Jeff Goldblum Dress-Up Magnet Set You Didn’t Know You Needed

Jeff Goldblum has exquisite taste in real life, but his characters in films have memorable looks, too. No one makes an all black outfit look quite as sexy as Dr. Ian Malcolm does in Jurassic Park. And what about the Grandmaster’s colorful, regal robes in Thor: Ragnarok? If you’ve ever longed to dress Goldblum up in some of the most iconic outfits he’s worn on screen (or if you’ve just wanted to dress him, period), you’re in luck because Belly Kids has just released The Jeff Goldblum Dress-Up Magnet Set.

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The boxed set with art by Vaso Michailidou comes up with a shirtless Jeff Goldblum template–that alone probably makes this set worth the price of admission. Then you can add outfits to the almost naked Goldblum from some of his classic roles, including the ones mentioned above. You can re-create the looks from the movies, or you can mix and match to combine Dr. Malcolm and say, Seth Brundle from The Fly. I think a shoulder baboon is appropriate for every occasion.

The Jeff Goldblum Dress-Up Magnet Set You Didn't Know You Needed_2

He comes with five different heads, so you have all the options you need for the right level of Goldblum variety.

The Jeff Goldblum Dress-Up Magnet Set You Didn't Know You Needed_3

When you’re ready to dress up your own personal Goldblum, visit Belly Kids to place your order. Once you receive this set and start making your own costumes, please share photos with us on Twitter.

How will you dress up your Goldblum?

Images: Belly Kids/Vaso Michailidou, Universal Studios

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More Goldblum, please and thank you!

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