A Jason Voorhees Aquarium Statue to Terrorize Your Fish

Much like the movie Jaws scared millions of people from going to the beach, the Friday the 13th series terrified an entire generation from ever wanting to take a pleasant dip in the lake while camping. But ever since the original climax of the first film, in which the zombified body of Jason Voorhees pops out of the water and drags the poor “Final Girl” out of her canoe and into Crystal Lake, those placid waters have been Jason’s territory.

In fact, at the end of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Jason is chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake, the very site of his original death as a child (spoilers: he eventually gets out). The image of Jason chained to the lake floor remains one of the franchises’ most remembered images, so much so, that not too long ago an artist created a life size statue of Jason, which he chained to the bottom of a lake in Minnesota. It’s probably scared more than one scuba diver. Now, as an homage to that homage, horror fan  Tony Gautier has released a video of his Jason Voorhees action figure chained to the bottom of his fish tank:

From the looks of things, the fish don’t seem too scared of Jason. Which is a good thing, considering the average fish has a memory of only 12 days. Can you imagine your entire existence having to relive the moment you discover your home has been invaded by a hockey mask wearing zombie serial killer? Their lives are traumatic enough already, having to live in a world of fake wood and fake plants and neon sand. Yeesh.

What do you think of this Jason figure reimagined as a fish tank prop? Do let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: Paramount Pictures

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