There’s a Japanese Show About a Samurai and the Adorable Cat He Wouldn’t Assassinate

It’s a classic Hollywood story: an assassin on a job can’t go through with it when he meets his would-be victim, then the two form an unlikely friendship against their common enemy. It’s a pretty reliable trope, although it can be hard finding new ways to keep it fresh. But that not a problem for one Japanese show, which had the greatest version of this story we’ve ever come across: the amazing tale of the friendship between a samurai and the adorable cat he refused to kill.Neko zamurai (translation Samurai Cat), which we only just learned about at Reddit, was a Japanese TV mini-series that ran for two seasons from 2013 to 2015. It followed Madarame Kyutaro, known as Madara the Devil, a “ humorless samurai, nearly desperate for work” who agrees to kill Tomanojo, the cat “accused of possessing a man’s soul.” One problem, though: when he actually saw the adorable little kitten, his Katana became a Kan’t-ana, so he took Tomanojo home with him.

If you are wondering if the show could really live up to that amazing premise, here’s a clip of a samurai giving his possibly possessed cat a bath while singing.
Give it to us. Give us 50 more seasons. And no one should ever attempt trying the whole “assassin-can’t-go-through-with-it” premise ever again, because it will never be topped. (Even if they did screw up by not calling this show Catana. Or Kittena.)Did you know about this show before? Is there anyway to make this premise more absurd? Take a slice out of our comments with your best ideas.

Featured Image: tvk

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