Japanese Noodle Blanket Promises Great Sleep from Dusk Till Udon

We’ve all been there: Trying to fall asleep in bed, but it just ain’t happening ’cause of anxious thoughts about bills or robo-dogs that have bizarrely human digital eyes. But that racing mind syndrome (RMS, let’s call it) is often simply due to a lack of a comfortable sleeping position or decent bodily temperature control. So why not solve those problems with a blanket made of giant noodles you can cuddle, pull apart, and get lost in?

If the answer to that question is “there’s no reason I wouldn’t want that, shut up and take my money,” then this udon-inspired blanket from Kyoto-based company, Golden Field, is most definitely for you.

The “Udon for Sleeping blanket,” which comes via SoraNews24, is exactly what it sounds like: a supposedly super-comfortable blanket that can be pulled apart and embraced in ways that allow one to find the perfect sleeping position. As well as feel like a giant scallion in a bowl of kakejiru. 

Apparently designers at Golden Field didn’t come up with the udon blanket right out of the gate. Instead, after some time grappling with the problem of making the perfect sleeping cover, one employee finally had a eureka moment inspired by a random meal featuring the classic Japanese wheat flour tubes.

SoraNews24, translating the ad for the Udon for Sleeping blanket from Golden Voice, notes that “Bunching up the ‘noodles’ gives you more warmth, while sticking your limbs between the strands can cool you down…” There’s also an “emotionally comforting huggy-pillow” aspect to the blanket, because the squeezy strands are a great stand-in for another person. Which makes us wonder if this blanket would make your bed more or less appealing to potential sleeping partners. JK, obviously more.

For those looking to sleep amongst oodles of noodles, you’re looking at a price tag of about $156. You’ll also have to order the currently sold-out blanket from Japan, which means for many of us, this wiggly warmth-bringer may have to remain a wonderful dream forever.

What are your thoughts of this udon-inspired blanket? Serve up a hot bowl of your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Golden Field 

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