Japanese Museum Kept a Lost Donald Duck Toy for 30 Years and Treats It Like a King

If this story doesn’t warm your heart maybe just a little bit, you might want to check if you still have one. According to Soranews24, a Japanese museum called the Chido, located in the town of Tsuruoka, has been going above and beyond in their duty as caretakers to one particular item in their lost and found, a stuffed animal Donald Duck toy. A museum employee found the plush in their parking lot, and no doubt they assumed a young kid had lost it right as their family was leaving town. Thinking this might be a special toy for the child, they hung on to it, cleaned it, knitted it some new clothes, and have given it a home as it waits for its owner to return…For three decades. 

Now the museum has tried a new approach to finding Donald’s owner 30 years later, using social media, in the hopes the owner might see it and finally come for Donald (even if he is probably approaching 40 now). The employee who’s in charge of the museum’s official Twitter account actually worked there some thirty years ago when Donald was originally found, and realized that none of the employees could bring themselves to get rid of it. So he’s made it his mission to reunite Donald with his owner. Hey, stranger things have happened, right? Let’s hope this story has a happy ending.

Images: Disney

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