This Japanese Coffee Spread Looks Like the Next Peanut Butter

Well, it looks like we’ve gotten too comfortable, America. We thought we had an easy road to the top of the world of spreads and condiments thanks to our beloved peanut butter… but with complacency comes stagnation. Japan gave us a scare about a year ago with their sandwich-ready slices of chocolate. But we ignored this dark omen. And now it may be too late.

Chocolate slices were only the gateway. Japan got a taste of the glory, and now, they’re making a full-blown attempt at spread supremacy. Megmilk Snow Brand Company is one of the largest dairy companies in Japan, and its Snow Brand Coffee is apparently a real mover. Megamilk has incorporated their rich Snow Brand flavors into a new product: a coffee spread that looks amazing ( via RocketNews24).Honestly, we can’t even be too mad about it, because we’re really impressed by–and definitely want to try–Japan’s coffee spread. Snow Brand Coffee Soft, as it is called, is meant to be used on bread and toast the same way you’d use butter or margarine, although we could see this working wonderfully on cakes and cookies and crackers and… well, now we’re drooling on our keyboards.

The product is set to hit Japanese supermarket shelves in March for 230 yen (about $2), and while it may be tough to get this product stateside, consider this our appeal to American spread makers: Do what you can to give the United States the coffee spread it needs and deserves.

Featured image: Cheryl Foong/Flickr

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