Meet Janet: The Scissor-Carrying, Jerk-Smacking Superhero We Deserve

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they carry scissors. That’s the case with Janet: a hero only to herself. The green and mildly terrifying (in the very best way) hero was created by Luca for a “make a new superhero” brief at art day camp. Luca’s mom, Amanda Mancino, shared the incredible drawing, and I have to say, I’m ready for The CW to work with them to make a series all about Janet.’s ability is that she “cuts people in half with giant scissors.” You can see how they’re dripping blood in the above image. And that twig? Luca said it’s a twig Janet smacks down jerks with. What I would give to have a jerk-smacking twig!

Luca, you are the coolest.

Twitter lost their minds over the drawing for obvious reasons and responded with art of Janet and and even some quick cosplay. Hey, sometimes we need a green-skinned, scissor-wielding hero to unite us and remind us the internet can be a weird and wonderful place. Some highlights, starting with a piece by Jade Bacalso.

Mike Smith boarded the Janet costume train in a hot minute, but I have a hunch this won’t be the last Janet cosplay we see.

Tom Gran’s nailing it with his art.

I need this Janet story by Anna Lore yesterday.

Finally, Francis Kneebone’s Janet is here to haunt your dreams.

See additional Janet fan art in this Twitter Moments collection.

Are you inspired to draw your own take on Janet? Please tag us if you share it on Twitter: @nerdist and @amy_geek. Head to the comments and place your bets on whether Janet will appear in a comic drawn by Luca soon.

Featured Image: Amanda Mancino/ Twitter

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