Jamie Lee Curtis Is Officiating a Wedding in WARCRAFT Cosplay

Yes. A cosplay wedding. Jamie Lee Curtis seems to think it’s a known quantity. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t feel so certain. And we don’t know who we agree with exactly… But we do know we think cosplay weddings should be the done thing. We also would very much like photos of Jamie Lee Curtis in her Warcraft cosplay after the wedding takes place, thank you very much. Take a look as Jamie Lee Curtis explains more about her upcoming cosplay adventures.

In this segment with Kimmel, Jamie Lee Curtis explains that her daughter will soon get married. And the wedding will be a cosplay wedding. Yes, Jimmy, a cosplay wedding. And that means, everyone comes in costume. Although, of course, to make it cosplay and not just costume, these costumes must emulate a fictional character. Curtis shares that her daughter helped pick out her costume:

Her name is Jaina Proudmoore. It’s a game, I don’t know. It’s a game. She’s an admiral. So I went on Etsy and wrote up ‘Jaina Proudmoore costume,’ and up came a woman who had the costume. We exchanged communication, I paid her a nice sum of money for this, and all is going great, I sent her my measurements. Everything’s going great.
Jamie Lee Curtis to cosplay Warcraft character Jaina Proudmoore while officiating a wedding, Jaina and Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

Jaina Proudmoore hails from the Warcraft franchise. And she’s one cool-looking mage, whose outfit Jamie Lee Curtis would absolutely rock. We can totally see the inspiration. Unfortunately, Curtis’ costume has met a bit of a delay. But if it does make it to Curtis on time, like we said, we hope she shares some pictures. If not, we guess Jamie Lee Curtis may have some ready-to-wear cosplay on hand. Maybe she could make an appearance as Halloween‘s Laurie Strode? Although that may not feel very romantic. Alternatively, she could pull a Freaky Friday with her daughter? That could be strange at the wedding though.

Well, Jaina Proudmoore it is. Fingers crossed the Warcraft cosplay will make it to Curtis for next role as mage officiant.

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