Breaking Down the First Details for James Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD Sequel

Shots have been fired in the ongoing comic book movie wars! Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has his first post-Marvel/Disney gig lined up for their competitors at DC/Warner Bros. Pictures. Gunn is slated to write and potentially direct Suicide Squad 2, although it may not be a conventional sequel. Today’s Nerdist News is tearing down the Wall for answers as we look at the early details for Gunn’s Suicide Squad.

Join host and Amanda Waller’s new enforcer, Jessica Chobot, as she goes over everything we know so far about the Suicide Squad sequel. Until fairly recently, Gavin O’Connor was the man tapped to helm Suicide Squad 2. According to Variety reporter  Justin Kroll, O’Connor departed the project in part because the Birds of Prey movie’s story was too close to the one he was working on. Fortunately for DC, Gunn has very valuable experience making superhero movies about a team of misfits coming together. That may be just what the Suicide Squad needs.[/nerdist_section]

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Borys Kit followed up with word that Gunn’s Suicide Squad may not even be a sequel at all. On Twitter, Kit wrote that “[Gunn] will have a whole new take on it. But whether that means a total recasting or not is unclear.” Given that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was one of the most popular characters in the first Suicide Squad, we’d bet against a total recasting. Plus, Robbie’s already signed up for Birds of Prey and potentially more movies.How could Gunn’s Suicide Squad differ from the original film? It could take its cue from John Ostrander’s classic Suicide Squad run in the ’80s, which offered a more grounded take on the unrepentant supervillains who were forced to do the bidding of Amanda Waller’s Task Force X. The titular Suicide Squad had to perform the dirty jobs that no one else could handle, and they were expendable. That approach could further humanize the team, if Gunn chooses to go that route. Are you excited to see Gunn’s take on the Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: DC/Warner Bros.

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