James Gunn Shares First-Look at David Corenswet’s SUPERMAN Suit

Get ready for some serious excitement. James Gunn has finally revealed our first look at David Corenswet in costume as Superman in 2025’s Superman. Of course, this look includes our first glimpse at the Corenswet’s DCU Superman suit, something that’s been highly anticipated for quite a while.

James Gunn Reveals Our First Look at David Corenswet’s Superman and His DCU Suit

Superman Legacy first look reveals David Corenswet as DCU Superman and his costume
James Gunn

In this Superman DCU first look from James Gunn, we see Corenswet donning the traditional Superman red and blue, with his S logo emblazoned across his chest. We know that this S-logo takes inspiration from three different eras of Superman comics.

Gunn additionally shares about the first-look image from Superman, “The above photo was taken on set by Jess Miglio and was entirely in-camera.” It’s a pretty stunning shot and definitely increases our already intense excitement for the movie. In addition to Superman’s costume, we also see what we assume to be Metropolis and some kind of power surge. Very mysterious.

James Gunn’s Superman Will Include Superman’s Red Trunks As a Part of His Costume

Superman Legacy first look reveals Superman will wear his red trunks
James Gunn

But could it be? Yes, it can! After much debate about “will they” or “won’t they,” James Gunn has elected to give Corenswet Superman’s red trunks as a part of his DCU Superman: Legacy costume. Last year, Gunn held a Twitter poll to see whether fans preferred Superman’s costume with or without the red trunks. And “with trunks” won by a margin of about 10%. And it seems like now the people have received what they want.

When Will We Get to See David Corenswet and His Superman Suit Take Flight?

Of course, in our first-look image from Superman: Legacy, David Corenswet’s Clark Kent is just sitting there, donning his red boots. But hopefully, we’ll soon get to see him take to the skies as Superman. Could a teaser trailer be around the corner? Maybe when we’re exactly one year out from Superman‘s release, we’ll get another tidbit. Superman: Legacy releases on July 11, 2025.

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