Let Jack Black Introduce You to His Own YouTube Channel

When you’ve conquered the worlds of music, movies, and comedy, what’s left? If you’re Jack Black, you could try growing the world’s gnarliest beard. Or you could start an online video channel. But because there are no limits to all that is Jack Black, he has just done both. Perhaps the experience of releasing a barely animated Tenacious D movie in segments on YouTube made him see the value of the platform, or perhaps, as he says in comments under his first video (which we saw at Variety), his kid really has kidnapped him and forced him to do it.

The plan is for new content every Friday, so we can expect video #2 on Dec. 28. The topics to be included are games, food, and life. Black’s choice of competitors to call out suggests he may be doing play-through videos, but his overall oeuvre so far in life suggests he’ll never limit himself to doing only one kind of thing. But we do have a semi-rhetorical question: if he regularly plays console games, will those videos be called “Tenacious D-pad?”(Please forgive us. You were thinking it too, right?)Black has experience with curating content before, as cofounder of the late, great Festival Supreme music and comedy festival, which ran for four years in Los Angeles, featuring the likes of Cheech and Chong sharing main stages with Die Antwoord, while The Kids in the Hall reunited, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys riffed, and comic actors like Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza did sets in character. Black’s Rolodex clearly runs deep, and we’re eager to see if he uses it wisely.

Image: Jablinski Games

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