Island Ruled By Cats Set to Be Crowdfunded in Japan

A classic daydream that crosses almost everybody’s mind from time to time involves getting away from the workaday world and running off to a secluded island to sip Mai Tais and relax in a lounge chair on a rim of white, sandy beach. The fantasy includes, perhaps, eating coconut meat in the sun, or maybe reading The Winds of Winter (daydream!). But for one rescue cat cafe chain in Japan, that island getaway fantasy should also include cats. A ton of cats. Cats that occupy “a higher social tier than humans.”

RocketNews24 recently reported on Neco Republic, a franchise of homeless cat shelters that double as cafes, and how its latest April Fools joke turned into a pretty good idea maybe?  Neco Republic said on the first that they had established “a crowdfunding campaign to secure the means with which to buy an uninhabited island and declare itself an independent nation.” But even though it was obviously a gag press release, the outpouring of support for the idea was so immense that Neco decided maybe there really should be a tiny Catnip Republic.

“The goal is to create an entire community where residents can come into contact [with cats] as part of their daily lives,” RocketNews24 reports, “and also where the animals will get the proper care and medical treatment they need to lead happy, healthy lives.”

The unofficial and likely evolving manifesto for the little kitty city surrounded by water includes: outdoor cat gardens, shelters for strays, health insurance, hospices, and even “a public pension system for cats.” Part of the plan is also to achieve “independent nation” status, because, presumably, President TinkleBeans desires a seat at the UN.

If you’re thinking to yourself, my this sounds like an expensive prospect, then you’re right on the money. The goal of the crowdfunding effort, which is happening right now on kibidango (but will only be initiated once 10,000 project supporters have signed up), is aiming to collect 22 billion yen. That’s $200 million. And TinkleBeans wants us to know that’s just to start, and that this lady will be on his kitty security council:

What do you think about this potential cat-ruled island paradise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Flickr / TLV and More, Fox

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