Is This The Biggest Skyrim Mod Ever?

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If you’ve finished all that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has to offer, you’re probably aching for any reason you can find to return to the world Bethesda has so lovingly crafted. Well, there is a reason. A huge one.

It’s called Enderal, a special total conversion mod that you can download right now for free for the PC version of Skyrim. Developer SureAI has created a massive free overhaul for the already ridiculously large open-world role-playing game. It’s been cooking ever since 2013, and the massive chunk of content will offer anywhere from 30 to 100 extra hours of gameplay for players who have already burned through what the main game had to offer.

That makes it one of the largest Skyrim mods of all time, barring official releases like Bethesda’s Dragonborn expansion or even SureAI’s previous mod Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge, which was previously awarded “Mod of the Year 2010” by PC Gamer.

Enderal is actually a sequel to Nehrim, with various improvements like additional player decisions and a different skill system as well as more detailed character customization. Nehrim was available as a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion previously, so if you were a fan of that enormous content offering, you’ll definitely want to get in on Enderal as well.

Professional voice actors, brand new pieces of music, additional equipment and weapons, and a hefty amount of quests to complete await you in Enderal. If you’re interested in seeing if it lives up to the claims of a metric ton of extra gameplay or even the quality of SureAI’s hard work, you can pick up the free mod here.

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