Did The Rock Really Make That Epic Jump In Skyscraper? We Asked Everyone

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t just take on a bunch of bad guys in  Skyscraper, he battles a literal building. Nobody doubts  The Rock can successfully stop a team of world class criminals while simultaneously fighting the tallest tower ever built—obviously he can do that—but some skeptics question if even he has limits, because they aren’t convinced he really made the biggest jump in cinematic history. The Rock might appear invincible, but does he have both the strength and the heart to do the seemingly impossible? To find out if he pulled off the most epic leap ever we asked almost everyone we could think of.

And we really mean almost everyone.

When it comes to such an important moment in mankind’s history everyone has an opinion, from ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, to the WWE‘s Chris Jericho, to Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber, to hockey jersey enthusiast Kevin Smith, to comedian and Rock superfan Nick Mundy, to our own science expert Kyle Hill. But we didn’t stop there.

No this is so much bigger than that, so we also talked to stuntmen, VFX experts, former football coaches, an internet troll, one mom who knows a little too much about The Rock’s leg muscles. We even asked Dwayne Johnson himself! Well, uh, not the Dwayne Johnson, more of a Dwayne Johnson. But it wasn’t like we asked a frog…oh, wait we did that too actually. In fairness who knows more about jumping than a frog? It’s not like we can talk to a bean. We know because we tried.

So what did we learn from all of those expert opinions? What kind of consensus did we come to? Did he truly pull off the most majestic jump in movie history?

Let’s just say when it comes to The Rock, we’ll always take a leap of faith. But Nick Mundy should not take that literally.

Skyscraper springs into theaters on July 13.

What do you think? Can The Rock really pull this off? It’s just a short leap into our comments below to tell us what you believe.

Featured Image: Legendary Pictures

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