IRL GUITAR HERO Was Made With A Conveyor Belt, Wooden Blocks, and Drumsticks

Ten years ago, there was absolutely no stopping the Guitar Hero franchise. Everybody and their grandmother had the plastic guitar leaning against a wall by the TV, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice in case you felt the unsuppressible urge to play through Boston’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” for the umpteenth time. Although 2015’s Guitar Hero Live didn’t quite live up to the popularity of the first few games in the series, it did well enough to show that the gameplay mechanic of matching up real-life movements with falling on-screen notes is more than a gimmick, but a legitimate type of game that has its place in the gaming world.

If playing the Guitar Hero drums isn’t exactly realistic to actual drumming, and actual drumming is genuinely musical, then what YouTuber MysteryGuitarMan has achieved with his latest video sure falls somewhere in the middle.This time, MysteryGuitarMan, known best for his videos that combine music with ultra crisp video editing and production to create something new and unusual, decided to recreate Guitar Hero, or at least the drumming portion of it, in real life. The gameplay mechanics are exactly the same: Notes come towards him, and he has to match their timing with his drum hits, but the process is much more mechanic now, as the “notes” here are wooden blocks quickly placed on a conveyor belt, arranged to match up with a drum track he’s following along with on headphones.

It must have taken a supreme amount of coordination and organization for MGM and his ten helpers to get this right—the video claims what we see is the 28th attempt at it—so admire their hard work above.

Featured image: MysteryGuitarMan

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