Interview with Adam Nimoy on “For the Love of Spock”

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Back in February, Leonard Nimoy, the man who brought everyone’s favorite half-human, half-Vulcan to life, passed away. Prior to that, Nimoy and his son Adam had begun working on a project called For the Love of Spock, a—as several called it in Adam’s recent Reddit AMASpockumentary about Spock’s fantastically logical life. After his father’s passing Adam saw the huge outpouring of love for both Spock and Leonard Nimoy himself, and continued to work on For the Love of Spock. 

Courtesy of ‘For the Love of Spock’ Productions

I had the amazing opportunity to ask Adam a few questions and despite a busy schedule, he graciously took the time to give us the skinny on For the Love of Spock, as well remembering the amazing actor, humanitarian, and human that was his father, Leonard Nimoy.

Geek & Sundry: For the Love of Spock is a project you originally began working on with your father. What inspired the two of you to embark on this project?

Adam Nimoy: My Father and I worked on a documentary together a few years ago titled Leonard Nimoy’s Boston. We had a wonderful time working together. Late last year we began discussing the possibility of producing a documentary of the life of Mr. Spock. This documentary was to be our contribution to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek:The Original Series which is coming up next year.

G&S: Has the tone and focus of the movie changed at all since your father’s passing?

AN: After my father’s passing in February, there was a huge outpouring of emotion, sympathy, and support form fans all over the world. They were feeling the loss not only of Mr. Spock but of Leonard Nimoy the artist as well. It then became clear to me that the focus of this film I’m making had to also include the incredible life and legacy of Leonard Nimoy as well.

G&S: Did you ever think of scrapping the project, or has it been a way to help you heal?

AN: This project has always been a labor of love and now more so than ever. I think it will be a strong tribute to the Half-Vulcan/Half-human who changed our lives as well as to a great artist and father I loved.

G&S: One of my favorite things about your dad was his immense love for his fans. I remember him unofficially initiating several of his fans into his family as honorary grandchildren. What was it like, experiencing your own profound loss yet seeing millions of strangers worldwide also mourning your dad?

Courtesy of the personal archive of Adam Nimoy

AN: The fan base was always very important to Dad as they are, really, what the whole ride was about to begin with. He was always very patient and giving of his time to people who admired him and that always impressed me. Losing Dad has been a difficult process but I, and my family, have taken great comfort in hearing the stories and anecdotes from people around the world who loved Dad and his most famous alter ego: Mr. Spock.

G&S: What is the one, big thing you hope fans come away with after watching For the Love of Spock

AN: This film will explore the creation, life, and legacy of Mr. Spock and the many sides of Leonard Nimoy including actor, writer, producer, director, poet, [and] recording artist. It will also contain some of my perspective growing up with Mr. Spock in the house. I’m hoping people will come away with a better understanding of Spock and Dad as well as the challenging journey of a father and son.

G&S: You’ve got a Kickstarter going to help you fund the film. Tell us a little bit about that, and where we can go to donate?

AN: We agreed to Kickstarter because my Dad was all about his community of fans and we always believed that allowing fans to participate would be great for us, great for them. We are doing well and fan support is going to make this film even better than planned. If you’d like to participate, you can visit the Kickstarter page.

G&S: You’ve directed other projects before, but this is quite a different animal than directing an episode of NYPD Blue or Ally McBeal. Because For the Love of Spock is about your dad — and often things you probably experienced in your own life — do you have to have a different directorial mindset than when you’re directing an episode of a TV show?

AN: Yes, of course the subject matter of this documentary is very different then directing a one hour drama and requires different sensibilities. However, my extensive work directing one hour dramas has given me the film making tools I need to create what I hope will be an entertaining and enlightening documentary.

Courtesy of the personal archive of Adam Nimoy

G&S:  I’m sure that growing up as the kid of a man who is so beloved by thousands is incredibly strange, and that there are both great and awful things about that. As you’ve grown up and consciously immersed yourself into that Trekkie culture while you work on For the Love of Spock, what has been the most pleasant surprise about the fandom and their feelings for your dad and Spock?

AN: I knew that Dad, as an artist, was well respected but I had no idea to what extent until the fans weighed in on traditional press outlets and social media. I was surprised at how many people not only loved Spock but the things that Leonard Nimoy stood for as well. People respected his drive to express himself artistically as well as his and my step mother’s Susan’s desire to give back to the community through social activism. The fact that many people will remember Dad as a Humanist is a legacy that, in addition to all his other accomplishments, is something that has made this son very proud.

G&S: What is one of your favorite kernels of Spock-wisdom?

AN: Yes as Dad used to say: “If you are passionate about your goals, the possibilities are limitless.”

We’d like to offer a huge thank you to Adam Nimoy for taking the time to talk with us. We all have huge amounts of love for Leonard Nimoy, and it’s quite clear that he continues to have an impact even today. Be sure to watch for For the Love of Spock, and check out the  For the Love of Spock Kickstarter page if you’d like to help back the project. 

Image source: all photos of Adam and Leonard Nimoy courtesy of the personal archive of Adam Nimoy

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