This MORBIUS Billboard Is Terrifying and Hilarious

Listen, Morbius is heading our way (finally), whether we like it or not. And sometimes, the only thing we can do with a movie is embrace whatever kind of vibe it wants to give out. In Morbius‘ case, that means rolling with the sometimes terrifyingly serious and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny punches. And it seems like the marketing for the movie really understands that balance. Because its latest billboard (which has gone viral) features Morbius himself in a life-size rendition that somehow terrifies and amuses all at once. I mean, I wouldn’t want to run into that version of Morbius on the street. But from a safe distance, this viral Morbius billboard makes my day.

It was the Italian publication CIAK Magazine that first spotted this gem in Milan. And they captured it to perfection. In the video, what begins as an innocent billboard soon gives way to something… special. First long-nailed, monstrous hands emerge, and we know we are in for a wild ride. And then Morbius roars to life from the billboard, blessing us all with his vampire glory. He looks around and then snarls before hiding himself away in the shadows once more.

Terrifying yet hilarious Morbius viral billboard
CIAK Magazine

Now, we know Morbius appears as more of an antihero than anything else. And one of the main questions in the upcoming movie revolves around whether or not Morbius will embrace his dark sides as he’s tempted by his friend/enemy, Matt Smith’s mysterious villain Milo. But judging by this Morbius billboard, at least in vampire form, our hero is none too friendly. Then again, maybe we just woke him up from a nap.

We’ll have to see what path Morbius takes when his movie releases on April 1. In the meanwhile, we’ll loop this video again and again and watch in abject fascination… But also more than a little admiration.  Morbiusyou truly know yourself as a film.

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