How Everyone Freaked Out Over the Instagram Update “Bug”

People don’t like change. People do like Instagram. In keeping with the two things we know to be certain truths about people, people really didn’t like the formal changes that befell Instagram on Thursday morning, and they—as people are wont to do—took to Twitter to vent about it.

But here’s the thing: Instagram didn’t actually change. What users mistook for an ill-conceived update—one that shifted gears from a scroll-centric platform to a tap-heavy one—was actually just a bug… or at least that’s what Instagram claims. Either way, the new feature is no more.

And while you might think such a revelation would temper the outrage, it actually just inspired more tweets.

Tweets lamenting the emotional roller coaster that was the morning. Tweets lambasting the whole debacle. Tweets expressing skepticism that the update was, as Instagram claims, a “bug.” Tweets just killing time while the world around their tweets rapidly disintegrates. So naturally, we rounded up the best of the bunch. Enjoy!

Image: jamoutinho/Flickr

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