INDIANA JONES’ Karen Allen Would Love to Return for Another Sequel

Karen Allen is nothing less than an icon. Her no nonsense performance as Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark gave us one of the best badass strong female leads of the ’80s. Uncompromising and completely able to look after herself, Allen was a brilliant foil for Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones, so fans were understandably excited when she returned for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. During a chat about the 30th anniversary of another ’80s classic, Scrooged, we asked Allen about whether or not she’d want to return to the iconic role in the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones sequel, and she was happy to share her excitement about the possibility. We would obviously love to see Allen back in the saddle, and the feeling is mutual for the star. “I would love to return, and I think that there’s a plan to shoot a fifth and possibly final one–at least in the incarnation of it being done by Steven and Harrison–and I’m very hopeful that I’ll be part of it. That will reveal itself in probably a year, when they have a script and are moving towards production. For now though, it’s still a mystery! I haven’t been told if Marion’s coming back. You know, I imagine that the film will start and he’ll be standing at my grave, or I’ll be coming back. You never know,” Allen chuckled. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll get to see Marion Ravenwood grace our screens once again, but for now you can catch Karen Allen in another classic role by picking up the Scrooged 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray (or Digital HD release) right now!

Images: Lucasfilm, Disney

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