If You Love Adorable Animals Doing Funny Jobs, Check Out 9 to 5 CUTE Pins

If you are the sort who finds yourself making unintelligible, high-pitched exclamations every time you interact with the citizens of Animal Crossing, then please give me your full attention right meow. Artist Riri Mon just launched her first ever enamel pin set, and it’s all about animals at work. The delightful designs in the 9 to 5 CUTE pin series gives critters careers with punny names, and I don’t have enough adjectives to do them justice.

The professionals in the series are all taking care of business. Riri has a cat doing mail delivery, a li’l pup that’s actually a five paw chef, and an otter heading into space as an astronaut. As an enamel pin collector/addict, I’m a fan of how the pins are more than adorable designs; they have a story and even a world behind them. I want Riri to take all these hard-working, ladder-climbing creatures and put them in a children’s book.

We can’t and won’t stop feeding precious images into your eyes, so please hit the gallery for a few more animals punching the clock. There’s a frog bellhop and a bunny painter known as bun gogh (Bun! Gogh!). Then to see more of 9 to 5 CUTE pins and to purchase ’em at $10 each, make the hop to Riri Mon’s website. Carve out some time to flip through the rest of her offerings too–she has killer sticker packs.

If your pet could take up any profession, what would it be? Tell us in the comments.

Images: Riri Mon

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