If UNO Was An Anime

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Most of us grew up playing UNO, and we all have a couple of stories of fights that broke out by slapping down the dreaded Skip Turn, Draw Two, or even worse–the Draw Four cards. While the game isn’t ever as long or as much of a friendship-ender as  Monopoly, nothing feels worse than finally getting down to one card and having your little brother look at you with a snarky grin as he lays down a wild Draw Four.

Suffice it to say, the game can get pretty dramatic, especially since it’s a game designed for kids. But with all of that heated drama, one might obviously wonder what would an UNO game look like if it was an anime? Youtuber JelloApocalypse wondered that very thing and brought us the answer. It is pretty freaking amazing. Take a peek:

The video is based off a series of Tumblr posts, and it manages to bring together the amazing fun of anime battles while highlighting that terrible stress and angst we all felt as kids trying to keep our cool when an UNO game got a bit too heated.

What game from your childhood would you like to see as an anime? Did you love playing UNO as a kid, or did it cause too many fights? Tell us about it in the comments!

Image credit: Nate Cull/ Flickr.com

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