This Adorable Dog Sledding Team Won Our Hearts on Twitter

We don’t usually root for anyone specific to win the Iditarod because they’re all good dogs. However, when the 2019 race kicks off in Anchorage, Alaska on March 2, we are throwing our full support behind one very special group of puppers the world just got an amazing introduction to. Dogsled racer Blair Braverman (what a name for a musher) treated Twitter to a glimpse of her BraverMountain Varsity Team with one of the greatest threads in the site’s history (which we learned about at Time). Seriously, we want to bathe in the joy of this entire thread, which gives us a scouting report on the ability and personality of every member.

We know next to nothing about dogsled racing, and yet we now have very firm opinions on which members are ready for this year’s Iditarod. Wickson isn’t ready!It doesn’t actually matter who the final 14 are, because whether the BraverMountain Varsity Team emerges victorious at the Iditarod or not, they have already won our hearts.

Featured Image: Blair Braverman/YouTube

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