Inventor Flies Over Iceland in Iron Man-esque Jet Suit

Iceland’s become a destination hotspot over the last decade, and with good reason. But even if you’ve already traveled to those beautiful lands it’s unlikely you’ve never seen it the way one inventor has. Well, not unless you are the Rocketeer or Iron Man. He took a serene, solo journey using his very own propulsion jet suit.

Gravity Industries‘ founder Richard Browning recently took an unusual trip through Iceland (which we first heard about at Laughing Squid). It’s unlike anything even the best tourism companies can offer its most courageous visitors. He wore his own Gravity Jet Suit to fly above the terrain at a distance low enough to be (kinda) safe, but high enough to provide a gorgeous perspective.

The suit itself is an incredible piece of technology, but obviously not something anyone can use. It uses over 1000bhp of jet engine power. It also requires its controller to have incredible balance to guarantee a safe flight. When handled correctly, the company says it can “deliver the most intense and enthralling spectacle.”

This video more than proves it can. But it’s the good kind of enthralling because this time the suit was used for sightseeing over a quiet and stunning landscape. If he used it to chase Poe Dameron and Finn it would feel much more sinister.

Inventor Tours Iceland in Very Own Propulsion Jet Suit_1Gravity Industries

This isn’t the first time we’ve admired Browning’s futuristic flying machines. In 2017 the ex-Royal Marine reservist took to the sky in his Daedalus suit. That reminded us even more of Tony Stark’s early model Iron Man suits. It was a beast. It required multiple Kerosene-fuelled micro gas turbine engines to achieve lift off. And unlike this quieter looking flight, that looked far more dangerous. It’s how, in 2018, he set the world record for the fastest speed in a body controlled jet-engine powered suit.

Not that we’d trust ourselves with it, either. We’d love to visit Iceland, but when we, do we’ll go traverse the land via a more traditional way. Even if Jet Suit is clearly the most fun way to go.

Featured Image: Gravity Industries

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