These Ice Cream Puppies Are Almost Too Realistic to Eat

I was browsing reddit not long ago and I came across this video:

Watching it was a roller coaster experience. First, I thought, “OK, a dog, let’s see what happens.” Then I saw the spoon in its head and thought, “This boy is fluffy, let’s see how far its owner can push the spoon into its skin without hurting it. I bet it’s comically deep.” Then the spoon started getting uncomfortably in there, and a panic set over me. Then the dog’s whole face just slid right off, at which point I bathed in a wave of relief and realized this couldn’t be a real dog. Turns out it wasn’t an actual dog at all, but a hyper-realistic ice cream treat from a cafe in Taiwan (via Design Taxi).

About a month ago, J. C. Co Art Kitchen started serving the gelato puppies, which come in three dog breeds with different flavors for each, as The Straits Times notes: The Labrador is earl grey-flavored, the Pug is chocolate, and the Shar Pei has a peanut-like flavor. Each chilly dog dessert takes about five hours to make. The cafe is actually having a hard time meeting demand, as they can only make about a hundred per day.

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療癒系冰淇淋狗狗蛋糕 這怎麼下得了手啦………

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少女心整個大噴發❤️? #臭臭#雪兒❄️#豆豆

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Could you bring yourself to lop this little guy’s head off? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured Image: Straits Times

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