Ian McKellen Had to Cancel a KING LEAR Performance…So He Just Chatted to the Audience

Under normal circumstances getting to see Sir Ian McKellan star in a stage adaptation of King Lear is definitely preferable to having the performance cancelled at the last minute. And yet we have a feeling an audience this weekend isn’t complaining about the beloved actor not being able to go on with the show, because he made it up to them by hosting an afternoon of conversation, stories, and even some monologues. McKellan was physically unable to play Shakespeare’s tragic king during the Saturday matinee performance oat the London Theatre after hurting his leg trying to catch a train, the specifics of which he shared on Twitter.

Because he’s the best though he didn’t want to leave the would-be audience disappointed, so instead he sat on stage and gave them something we might argue was just as good (if not better since it was so unexpected and unique)–a talk with him that was part Q&A, part stories about his career (including an amazing one involving Maggie Smith and Laurence Olivier), and part advice to young actors. He even performed a little, including as Gandalf.

This might be our favorite.

Uh, “make it so!”

This sounds like it was an incredible experience (minus his injury), but did those in attendance feel the same way?

We’re not saying we wouldn’t be bummed out to miss seeing a great Shakespearean actor star in one of the greatest roles ever, but unexpectedly getting to hang out with Ian McKellen isn’t exactly a tragic ending to this story.

What would thou asketh Ian McKellen if you had a chance to talk to him ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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