Snuggle Up With This Strange Human-Sized Stuffed Animal

You may think you know what you want as a gift this holiday season. But we’re here to tell you, there might be one thing you forgot to tell Santa about. Something you just never knew you needed until this moment. Thanks to Boing Boing, we’ve discovered the existence of the “Loving Bear Puffy.” Essentially, the Loving Bear Puffy is an emotional support man-sized Teddy bear. For those nights when you just need to hug a strange half-human/half-stuffed animal hybrid to make yourself feel better.

Loving Bear Puffy
Loving Bear Puffy

According to the official description, “Loving Bear Puffy is a plush figure in the shape and size of a male human body, but with the head of a half-asleep bear. What makes Puffy unique and different from all stuffed toys is his human body shape. He is the perfect gift both for you and for any loved one who is going through lonely moments, emotional trials, and feelings of emptiness.” Yeah, they didn’t describe any of that in a super creepy way at all. But for those of you out there intrigued and not freaked out, Loving Bear Puffy can be yours for $144.

Woman cuddles with the Loving Bear Puffy
Loving Bear Puffy

Although they show Loving Bear Puffy wearing clothes, the manufacturer’s website stresses that he does, in fact, arrive naked. So you’re going to have to find clothes in the right size for him yourself. (Or herself, who says it can’t be a girl bear?) At least Loving Bear doesn’t weigh all that much.

Loving Bear Puffy, the emotional support Teddy Bear.
Loving Bear Puffy

According to the official site, it only weighs 3.2 grams. The final words about Loving Bear on the site just add to the creep factor. “He becomes part of the family and is always at home waiting for you. He doesn’t snore, he doesn’t sweat, and… he doesn’t complain.” I don’t know, we feel a future horror movie about Loving Bear is going to happen someday.

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