Prepare to Be Disturbed by These Human-Faced Pot Pies

Although we are currently in the dog days of summer, for some of us, it’s never too early to plan our elaborate Halloween parties for this coming October. And now we’ve learned of a way to make sure you have the best and most absolutely gruesome Halloween celebration on the block. The folks over at Geekologie have pointed the way to a series of decorative “People Pot Pies” coming from an Etsy seller named  It Came From Under My Bed, And yes, they are as disturbing as they sound. You can get a better look at these inedible prop pies in the video down below.

These super creeptastic human-faced pies will set you back around $31 each, but hey, do you want to host the best Halloween party on the block or not? To make these pies even creepier, they can each be customized with teeth, tongues and hair. Of course, the pies would make for an absolutely grand Sweeney Todd themed Halloween party. Why not turn your kitchen into Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop?

And you don’t have to stop there — It Came From Under My Bed also has several pieces of jewelry featuring fake versions of severed tongues, ears, fingers, and yes, even penises. (Uh, we’re pretty sure they’re fake. They’re fake, right??) These People Pot Pies and various pieces of macabre jewelry are the perfect gift for the hardcore horror fan in your life, regardless of Halloween season or not,  even if that hardcore horror fan just so happens to be you.

What do you make of these ultra-creepy prop pies? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: It Came From Under The Bed / IEK TUB

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